Summit Envirosolutions has been in the business of Superfund and RCRA site investigations and remediations for over 30 years. Along with that remediation experience, Summit has developed proprietary technology to visualize groundwater data to better track potential contaminant flow paths using advanced particle tracking technology. With the recent focus on perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), Summit has applied its extensive remediation experience with its ability to track groundwater flow paths to be able to develop a better site conceptual model which allows for more economic and cost effective investigations and remediation for PFAS contaminated sites.

The complex and delicate nature of investigating PFAs sites should only be trusted to a firm with highly qualified geologists and hydrogeologists who provide reproducible, high-quality data using verified sampling and data analysis methodologies. At Summit, all aspects of investigations are completed by highly trained scientists, from the field testing to constructing the remediation strategy.

Using Summit’s proprietary database tool EPIPHINY®, the analytical data collected in the field can be queried, tabulated, graphed, and exported into our GIS platform. This enables faster and more in-depth data analysis. The advanced data analysis allows our staff to design a better investigation and remediation strategy.

Given the nature of PFAs, understanding the groundwater systems is very important. While other firms rely on outdated technology, Summit deploys advanced groundwater monitoring devices that are remotely able to track groundwater elevation, temperature, and other parameters of interest for cost effective real-time data that is used to develop a site conceptual model. Summit’s has developed a real time groundwater monitoring platform called AQUIMETRICS™ that leverages the field data collection to better understand the real-world groundwater flow patterns that affect the transport of PFAs. Along with understanding the groundwater dynamics, AQUIMETRICS has the ability to create particle tracking maps which are crucial for understanding the fate and transport of PFAs.

Summit’s highly experienced staff and advanced technology make us one of the best resources for your PFAs investigation and remediation needs.