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Software for the groundwater monitoring industry—used to import, store, analyze, export, and report environmental information. From import through reporting, EPIPHINY could be the easiest, most robust .NET application on the market today. Created by scientists and engineers, EPIPHINY has been designed to hook up with any platform and import or convert data for export to your favorite software—or use ours. Save time and money with our intuitive interface and strategic business logic behind the scenes. HAVE YOUR EPIPHINY TODAY!

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Revolutionizing the groundwater monitoring industry by automatically analyzing wellfield information. By continuously analyzing water level data, AQUILYTICS® can help you to:

  • Decease energy consumption, reporting, and compliance costs
  • Decrease well rehabilitation and water treatment costs
  • Decrease well interference costs and drawdown issues
  • Develop an Aquifer Resource Management System that is based on real data rather than computer models

AQUILYTICS® is a system of hardware, software, and services that combine data from sensors, dataloggers, SCADA, databases, spreadsheets, and almost any other data source to display historic or real-time data with state-of-the-art accuracy. Do you need AQUILYTICS?

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SampleOptimizer™ represents the latest evolution in long term monitoring optimization (LTMO) software. For the first time, the power of true mathematical optimization has been applied to LTMO in an easy-to-use desktop software tool to reduce sampling redundancy. SampleOptimizer™ is the culmination and combination of years of research in mathematical optimization, data analysis, and environmental engineering. Experts in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, computer and environmental engineering, geostatistics, contaminant geochemistry, and remedial system optimization have applied their technical and field expertise to develop the sound approaches implemented in the software.

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